PolyPort wants to make transportation more efficient.

We believe that transportation and our travel behavior need to change in the next 15 years. Today, 70% [1] of all existing transport capacities remain unused. At the same time gas costs are rising and transportation and deliveries becomes more restricted by city regulations including emission zoning or tolls. Only in Switzerland delivery traffic is expected to increase by 40-78% till 2030. With 35% of all CO2 emissions coming from transportation, we simply have to act. PolyPort develops innovative solutions to solve transportation and mobility challenges of tomorrow.

We believe that the most important way to make transportation better is by using existing capacities more efficiently. For this reason we develop a webbased marketplace for you to find transport capacities in your neighbourhood to bring your parcel or shopping from A to B.
There are a hell lot of applications where you can benefit from this: getting the “pick it up yourself” item you bought on eBay, shipping the plant you cannot put into the mail among others…

Last year we started off with the “Kartoffeltaxi” (Potatoe taxi) – a zero carbon delivery chain ¬†for regional bioproducts where your purchase is brought to you by a commuter on his way to your city. This year we will kick off an IKEA pick up service – BringBee.

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[1] Report Mobitool


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Team,

    I would like to meet you guys to introduce my company and our service offerings.
    We want to establish a connection with Polyport for current or future projects.

    It will only be an exploratory thing, you can decide whether you like us or not after the meeting.

    I know we don’t have a brand name or anything, but when it comes to technology we are pretty good!

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