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You could be PolyPort’s next CTO

PolyPort looking for CTO & Cofounder

PolyPort wants to redefine logistics and transport by crowdsourcing your everyday travel movements for shipping purposes via a web and mobile app.
You are enthusiastic & excited about real time and location based apps. Experienced in web development, databases, development of algorithms & have excellent Java skills.

Not just dreaming…

We are not just dreaming…

Researchers at MIT SENSEable City Lab already thought about the PolyPort concept and proved that PolyPort can potentially reduce delivery traffic by up to 70%.

In a simulation of the City of Copenhagen, the project “Friend Freight” headed by Christine Outram (Director of CityInnovation Group) and Francesco Calabrese (IBM Smarter Cities Technology Centre) simulated the reduction of traffic, if  cyclists delivered items on their daily routes. In particular, the two researchers looked at deliveries of books, flowers or dry cleaning.

If you want to learn more about their exciting work, I suggest to read



Since her theoretical work on Friend Freight, Christine has been working on the project Copenhagen Wheel, a simple and innovative way to transform your everyday bike into a hybrid E-Bike (Learn more…)