Top 3 Finalists at AXA Innovation Award

Today, Philipp and Stella travelled to Winterthur to pitch as 1 of 5 selected teams at the AXA Innovation Award.
Orginally more than 110 teams had applied to participate and get the chance to win 75.000CHF, founding capital and support in setting up the insurance for the company.

Among Diamond Heels, importing fair trade customizable high heels, and a startup with the goal to monitor energy consumption of industrial plants more efficiently, PolyPort made the final cut!

All finalists made a short movie about their project. Below you can see us sweating in front of the camera lights.
We will post the video soon 🙂

The winner of the award will be announced September 23rd.


Hey, want a cake

It’s so hard to give things to people for free… even if you have a basket of yummy snacks and drinks right next to you to offer.

Even harder:try to engage people in a conversation!

Our first experience with customer surveys last month was really a life lesson learned:
1. dont try to engage customers right behind the checkout
–>if the service customer manager tells you to, try to convince him otherwise:people will just RUN
2. fill up their free time in the queue or at the bus stop = MUCH BETTER

On average you might get
-1 person to talk to you and give sensible answer every 5 minutes
= 12 people per hour
= 6 hours – (1 hour of breaks and lunch) = ca. 60 people in a day!

So please,
BE NICE whenever someone tries to ask you some questions,

From Polyport

Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!

The PolyPort co-founders have officially graduated and have opened up their Berlin headquarter.

From Office opening celebration

Our current office is at FU Berlin in Dahlem. It’s about 30 minute train ride from the city center and right next to the Botanical garden and multiple embassies. So definitely not the worst place to be.

From Office in the founders villa of FU Berlin

but we are not only enjoying the summer time and free office space… as you can see, we are working hard after all 😉

From Exhaustion after a long day